K Residence by Rodriguez Studio

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The K Residence by Rodriguez Studio is in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Phase I was a gut renovation of the 1400 sf, two bedroom apartment. Continuity across the different programmatic spaces is achieved by the use of signature bamboo plywood and painted wood cabinetry designed by RODRIGUEZ Studio.


Phase II will include an extension into the adjacent apartment, which will allow for more bedrooms, a laundry room, and a home office. The removal of an existing partition allows for the family’s main living space; comprised of the kitchen, study, living and dining room, more light and greater views of the surrounding New York City streetscape.


The newly renovated den, once a space for storage, is fronted by a pair of customized sliding glass doors that also act as a backdrop for the entry foyer and hallway.

K-Residence-by-Rodriguez-Studio-4 K-Residence-by-Rodriguez-Studio-5 K-Residence-by-Rodriguez-Studio-6 K-Residence-by-Rodriguez-Studio-7 K-Residence-by-Rodriguez-Studio-8

Via…Rodriguez Studio, Fiz House


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