Home Rejuvenation by KNQ Associates

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Sometimes the greatest sources of inspiration are not the result of opulence or luxury.  Instead they’re born of natural simplicity and objects found in everyday life.  It’s this commitment to understated elegance that drove KNQ Associates in their Home Rejuvination project in The Tropica of Singapore.


What began as a monochromatic blank slate project quickly transformed into much more.  Oppressive maroon and green walls in the children’s room were painted with subtle shades of pink, blue and yellow to help the space pop with joy, and a green and blue office space was given a brightened face lift with new cabinetry and and a modernized design.


In both cases these new coats of paint changed the entire aesthetic of the room, giving way to a lighter, more sublime mood in the home. Through eclectic accessorizing and a steady hand of restraint, the renovated bedroom utilized contrast to produce a pleasing effect.  The same principle was applied to the living room of white and black contrast.


The kitchen improved with the same touch where a previous design of beige tile and brown cabinets was converted to a sleeker light floor and light cabinetry with dark counter tops and fridge.


The final result is the perfect picture of how dramatically a little renovation can change a space.  What was once drab can suddenly be transformed to something much finer, changing everything from the inside out.

Home-Rejuvenation-by-KNQ-Associates-6 Home-Rejuvenation-by-KNQ-Associates-7

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