Wienerwald by Ippolito Fleitz Group

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If fast food chicken triggers thoughts of outdated 70s design and grease covered swivel chairs, think again. Friedrich Jahn’s Wienerwald takes every notion of your typical fast food restaurant design and turns it on its head. Instead of breathing in trans fats, this fast food chicken restaurant underwent a compete redesign to align their brand with freshness and sustainability. Everything from the tile behind the counter to the green and white color scheme embodies a unique kind of freshness that few restaurants have managed to communicate regardless of pricepoint.


Intentionally organized to facilitate an intuitive ordering process, the space flows naturally from the selection counter straight to check out and seating.  The boards of the light wood floor are aligned to lure people into the Wienerwald experience, and once they inside their experience is both calming and unified.


The long white counter displays fresh ingredients in front of corrals of lettuce, while cooking chicken spins in a rotisserie behind the cashier by the back-lit bottled beverages.  Customers who eat in the restaurant walk over to a contemporary seating arrangement that is both contemporary and quirky.


All white traditional chairs push up to matching tables, and each of the tables are pushed up against a contemporary booth.  The seating area is clean and minimalist, but the surroundings are more decorative.  The contour of little green cartoon chickens walk along a white windowsill, and cutouts of green trees pop out against the light wood wall.  Lamps wired by pipe and covered with green shades finish off the aesthetic, finalizing the natural and contemporary design most restaurant owners would lust after.

Wienerwald-by-Ippolito-Fleitz-Group-5 Wienerwald-by-Ippolito-Fleitz-Group-6

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