Tan Residence by Chrystalline Architect

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The Tan Residence of Jakarta, Indonesia is light, airy and organic with an air of pure sophistication.  Inspired by a sort of Frank Lloyd Wright circa Fallingwater style, the structure focuses its attention on a private garden at the rear of the home with absolute precision.


Modular levels of the Tan Residence jut out from one another with floor to ceiling windows that open up to the native garden at the back of the home.  A knotting tree rises out of a concrete block while other kinds of native greenery thrive in neatly organized containers.


The serene garden of the Tan Residence may be the focal point of the home, but it’s certainly not where luxury starts and ends.  Instead, the airy home features stunning minimalist details and smart design.


Cantilever stairs with frameless glass railings take center stage in the Tan Residence because of the way that the wood panels ascend seamlessly to the second level.  The top of the stairs overlooks the living room area while a connecting bridge on the second level provides passage between the master suite and children’s bedroom and study.


The final result of Chrystalline Architect’s work is unified in serene in its design.  Everything seems to open up toward everything else in a way that provides circulation in the home, yet every area has its purpose.  In the Tan Residence everything is luxurious but nothing is wasted.  Instead everything is balanced, and this sense of serenity peaks in the back garden.

Tan-Residence-by-Chrystalline-Architect-6 Tan-Residence-by-Chrystalline-Architect-7 Tan-Residence-by-Chrystalline-Architect-8 Tan-Residence-by-Chrystalline-Architect-9 Tan-Residence-by-Chrystalline-Architect-10

Via…Chrystalline Architect, Design Fitt


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