Haus Jones by Reinhard Jung

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Today, things move at warp speed, simple as that.  Whether referring to transportation, sending text messages, fashion and trends, the list goes on.  The truth of the matter is that things we like today may be old school by tomorrow.  So, when thinking of some of the great architectural buildings and designs that have withstood the test of time, well it is all quite surreal.


Within a similar concept, the Frankfurt based architectural practice Reinhardt Junghad the vision of creating a “four generation residence”; one that would reach the expectations of each generation that filled it. Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung, the duo behind the project recently released their modern concrete and steel beam extension to an already existing and somewhat boring single family house.


Having a reputation throughout Europe and Australia, the team is known for their entrepreneurial pursuits being the grounds for exploratory investigation – so this addition was expected to be nothing less.  This particular design focuses on the generations of a large family and the approach of the barrier-free movement space for the elderly, but the communicative space, the meeting room of the family members.


The existing residential structure was a small post-war house, rebuilt and enlarged, several times.  The new attachment consists of two main structural parts, a base of reinforced concrete, and a light cover. These two are connected by a steel band, which combine both. 


The extension of the living room, with restructuring, changed the house completely. Inside, the planes rotate around a central core pieces with fireplace and sanitary units, and create new groupings of family members and social areas.

Haus-Jones-by-Reinhard-Jung-6 Haus-Jones-by-Reinhard-Jung-7 Haus-Jones-by-Reinhard-Jung-8

Via…Reinhardt Junghad, Guz House

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