Guu Izakaya by Dialogue 38

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You could credit the rambunctious crowd of in the know trendsetters and regular client base of expats for Guu Izakaya’s prominent status in the lineup of hotspots in Toronto, but doing so would leave out a very important part of the story.


In fact, an important contributor to the popularity of this Japanese style drinking establishment is all about the design by Dialogue 38.  From the smooth gray slate storefront and heavy wooden entrance door to the tight and informal design of the interior, this place of debauchery is all about community.


Communal tables lined with long benches stimulate interaction between groups while bar seats give patrons a full view of an open kitchen bustling with action.  The flow of the space encourages interaction in every way possible, removing barriers between the restaurant staff and those there to enjoy a drink or two.


The informal mood of the place is extended to the lighting and interior touches.  Groups of exposed bulbs hang at various heights in clusters, and parts of a reclaimed barn decorate the bar in contrast to the otherwise stark, clean lines.  The result is a wonderfully welcoming juxtaposition formulated around the principles of zen, old charm, and new appeal.


Smaller intimate tables hug a bank of windows to reveal a quiet, tree-lined street, making this a wonderful place for jovial after work groups and the occasional couple seeking private conversation.  Whether you remember your night in the end or not, one thing is almost definite.  Guu Izakaya will still be there tomorrow, beautiful in its dim-lit bustling of nightlife at its finest.

Via…Dialogue 38, Fiz House


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