Black White Residence by David Jameson Architect

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Classy is classic even in modern.  This dream home in Bethesda, Maryland salutes classical modernism, as you can almost sense the control it has over its modern spaces.


Inhabiting the masonry shell of an exiting house, the Black White Residence showcases glass wall temples, black frames, and white stucco in contrast to its surroundings.


Designed by David Jameson Architect, the home’s program called for renovations on the first floor level and the addition of a slightly smaller second level.  The four modern glass temples provide volumes of light during both day and night along with panoramic views. 


Towards the street side of the site, long thin ‘census’ windows give focus to the measured cadence of tree trunks while editing views to passing vehicles.  Towards the rear yard, one glass volume slices through the plinth to frame unencumbered two story views.


The existing slab-on-grade post-war rambler had seen many additions over the years and was, in Jameson’s estimation, a chaotic mess. So most of the structure was razed, retaining just enough to keep the budget in check.  Each of the four boxes contains separate functions: a double-height living room, a double-height dining room, a master suite, and the children’s bedrooms, respectively.


Inside, the finishes are as restrained as the house itself: white walls, black storefront framing, wood casework, dark floors on the first level, and wood flooring on the second level.  Quite the yin and yang of modern architecture.

Black-White-Residence-by-David-Jameson-Architect-7 Black-White-Residence-by-David-Jameson-Architect-8 Black-White-Residence-by-David-Jameson-Architect-9

Via..David Jameson Architect, Guz House

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