Henry Point Hayden Lake House by Michael Flowers Architect

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Michael Flowers Architect is the man behind the Henry Point Hayden Lake, Idaho project which feature around 830 sqf loft offering awesome views.The architect started from the  idea of connecting friends and family to the surrounding landscape through a series of decks and operable facades that create large connection indoor-outdoor gathering spaces as well as two independent living areas.


The living area is pretty huge and it allowed the architect to play with spaces and shapes as he saw fit, obtaining a remarkable outcome. If you see the structure from outside, from behind it through the woods, you will never guess what lies beneath the surface. It looks more like a depot or some storage with it exterior covered in metal sheets and wood. But once you get in front of the building it’s pretty clear this is a home and a beautiful one to be fair.


Because of the uneven terrain the house has some pretty nice steps made of mountain rocks and then there are the front door and windows giving you a hint about the gorgeous interior. The simple yet very cosy interior design is also based on wood – as this is a mountaneous area and this is the material of choice. I love it.

Michael-Flowers-Henry-Point-4 Michael-Flowers-Henry-Point-5 Michael-Flowers-Henry-Point-6 Michael-Flowers-Henry-Point-7 Michael-Flowers-Henry-Point-8

Via…Michael Flowers Architect, Amapartment


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  1. I enjoy you post! Elegant designs and brilliant timber finishes! Thanks for sharing!

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