Google, Milan Office Interior Design

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When you hear the word “office” you immediately associate it with seriousness, company officials and employees dressed in dark and sober suits, with files under their arms or on the desk, always with their heads down , looking on the computer screen or studying a file. But fortunately not all offices are like that: I guess it depends on the guys in charge and also on the company profile.


For example Google is known to be the most used search engine on the Internet, but except for that there is a huge business behind, with real, not virtual offices and employees. And these employees need to have a lot of imagination and to be creative in order to achieve their goals and that is why the company offers them an unconventional office, a more appropriate environment for what they have to do.


If you take a look at these pictures you will see that it’s all playful and colourful, giving room for relaxation and creativity. Even the chairs are painted in different colours and there is a special place where those who work there come to relax on their break in comfortable chaise-longues and even to lay some pool. There is a cafeteria and even a playground, everything being so cheerful and full of colour. The new Google Office was opened in Milan, Italy in same colorful and playful theme design.

Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-4 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-5 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-6 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-7 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-8 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-9 Google-Milan-Office-Interior-Design-10

Via…Guz House


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