Williams Studio, Mountain House by GH3

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The Williams Studio by GH3, will become immediately clear that it is a re-imagination that is made real with architectural excellences. Basically the re-imagination involves archetypal glass house against the backdrop of Canadian Shield landscape. Concept of the house has been based on requirements of sustainability as well as amenity. Both the environmental as well as program related efficiency of the building have been enhanced by the simple and open qualities of the building constructed.


North facing window of the building ensures uninterrupted as well as undiminished natural lights for photographers; a great natural gift for them. Since the curtain is well glazed in low iron glass, it offers excellent opportunity to the photographer to create sparkling images that may never be possible in traditional photo studios.


Last but not the least; Williams Studio by GH3 contains compact and durable glass form at the edge of the water on granite plinth. Both features are excellent for keeping the environmental and climatic balance; whether summer or winter.

Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-4 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-5 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-6 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-7 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-8 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-9 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-10 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-11 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-12 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-13 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-14 Mountain-Williams-Studio-by-GH3-15

Via…GH3, Amapartment


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