The Concav Residence, Studio and Gallery by Lei Architect

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Few constructions might have followed the principles of applied physics as closely as the Lei Architect Studio Building. In fact the building is known as the Concave House owing to its resemblance with the concave lens used in the spectacles.


Located at Benaxi in Liaoning province of China, the site has an area of around 5,000 square meters while the project area is around 3,000 square meters. Commenced in 2008, the project was scheduled to be completed by the year 2010


Specially designed for notable artist Mr. Dazhong Feng, the construction performs multiple functions like the residence, studio, as well as display gallery. The site faces mountains and therefore the landscape of the Lei Architect Studio Building has taken an extremely attractive feature.


Objective with which the project was created was to create harmonious internal space for artists and at the same time creation of harmonious internal space as well as the interaction between nature on one hand and excellent architecture on the other.

The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-5 The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-6 The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-7 The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-8 The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-9 The-Concav-Residence-Studio-and-Gallery-by-Lei-Architect-10

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