Eloisa Romantic Sofa by Tobia Scarpa

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I come back again with a project created  by Tobia Scarpa, this time we talk about a romantic sofa called Eloisa.For an ultimate comfort and look the Eloisa collection will change your home style. This sofa is so soft and comfortable that all you want to do is to sit there and enjoy your free time there.


For example my favourite time of the week is the weekend when I can languish in bed for as long as I want, enjoying every minute of warm and soft cushions and comfortable sheets wrapped around me like a nest or a cradle. This is exactly what you feel when you sit in this nice Romantic sofa. It is not meant to offer you a seat when you watch TV and sit up for one hour and a half , but it is meant to cover you up and embrace you like a lover.


Maybe this is why the name is called Eloisa – the name of a famous lover in the French literature. If you complete the picture with a similar armchair and coffee table, you will have the most romantic corner in the house.

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