Colorful Matrix Sofa by Karim Rashid

In Furniture on August 5, 2011 by Yossawat Tagged: ,


If you want to change your black, white and gray sofa from your living room, try the colorful seating called Matrix from Karim Rashid.Decorated with vibrant colors, the Matrix sofa catch eyes in an instance. The Iranian designer is very creative and imagined a sofa that is made of many differently coloured parts. Actually every part of the sofa has a different colour and a different pattern printed on, but the overall impression is one of joy and happiness rather than chaos as you would expect.


The sofa seems to be made of different parts reused from old sofas and put together for a new one, but it only makes it a bit unusual and original. If you want to, you can even choose one of the models that has a small coffee table attached at one end and this way you will have two pieces of furniture in your living room, combined in a very unexpected manner.  In conclusion you either love or hate this item, so decide which side are you on., Furniture Design Ideas


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